Why is Brown Fused Alumina Called “Industrial Teeth”?

brown fused alumina grain made in china

The development of industry is inseparable from the widespread application of abrasives. Brown fused alumina, as a basic abrasive, is widely used in industrial production and is also known as industrial teeth. So, what are the characteristics of brown fused alumina that give rise to this title?  

In order to answer this question,we will comprehensively understand the concept, application, and advantages of brown fused alumina.

The Concept of Brown Fused Alumina

Brown fused alumina is a type of brown artificial fused alumina, mainly made from bauxite, carbon materials, and iron filings. Brown fused alumina can be obtained by melting and reducing three raw materials at high temperature in an electric arc furnace. Brown fused alumina, also known as corundum, is mainly composed of iron oxide with a content of over 95%, and also contains small amounts of Fe, Si, Ti, etc.

As one of the most basic abrasives, brown fused alumina has a wide range of applications, with the characteristics of good grinding performance and low cost.

The physical properties of brown fused alumina




Dark brown color (deep blue after calcination)


Tripartite Crystal System

Hardness (Mohs)


Melting point (℃)


Maximum operating temperature (℃)


True density (g/cm3)

≥3. 90

Linear expansion coefficient(0—1600℃)


In addition, the chemical stability of brown fused alumina is extremely high, which means that it is not easily corroded by general acidic and alkaline solutions in conventional environments. From this, we can see that brown fused alumina is known as industrial teeth, mainly due to its high hardness, good toughness, low price, environmental protection, good grinding performance, and less prone to deformation.

The Production Process of Brown Fused Alumina

Raw materials: mainly bauxite, carbon materials, iron filings

Melting: Mix raw materials and melt them in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature of over 2000 degrees Celsius.

Cooling and crushing: The melted alumina is cooled down through equipment to form blocks, which are then crushed using equipment to form the desired shape.

Screening and grading: Using screening equipment to grade the crushed brown corundum to obtain the desired particle size of the product.

Sanding treatment: Using sanding treatment to improve the performance of the obtained brown corundum abrasive.

Specifications of Brown Corundum





            Main chemical content %










Abrasive grinding tools








































Refractory materials




Section Sand

0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 8-12mm









25-0mm 10-0mm 50-0mm 30-0mm









fine powder

180#-0 200#-0 320#-0









The Application of Brown Corundum

Sandblasting: The physical properties of brown corundum, such as moderate hardness, high bulk density, no free silica, high specific gravity, and good toughness, make it an ideal material for sandblasting. Especially in sandblasting of aluminum profiles and copper profile glass, brown corundum plays an important role.

Wear resistant material: Due to its high hardness, corrosion resistance, and good toughness, brown corundum is widely used in places where wear resistant materials are needed, such as automotive parts, buildings, and public road surfaces.

Refractory material: As one of the raw materials for refractory materials, refractory materials made of brown corundum have the advantages of not detonating, not powdering, and not cracking, so they are widely used in surface polishing of glass, aluminum products, and ceramics.

Filter material: Brown corundum and other raw materials can be used to make filter tubes, which have the characteristics of flexibility and stable performance. It can be used as a filtering medium for metals or non-metals and is widely used in industries such as mineral processing and petroleum.

Grinding material: Due to the wear resistance and toughness of brown corundum, it can be used as a material for grinding lenses and precision instruments, especially for some electronic products such as televisions and mobile phones.

Other uses: In addition to the above applications, brown corundum can also be used as functional fillers, water jet cutting, consolidation grinding tools, resin grinding tools, etc.

Leading Manufacturer of Brown Fused Alumina

Company: With 19 years of experience in metal abrasives such as white corundum, brown corundum, silicon carbide, and steel ball products, our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. We also have rich experience in foreign trade and nearly a decade of deep cultivation experience.

After sales:

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  • Additional moisture-proof treatment and air cushion reinforcement treatment will be adopted inside the container, striving to reduce product loss during transportation.


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FAQ about Brown Fused Alumina

1、What is brown fused alumina?

brown fused alumina is a natural mineral processed from bauxite at high temperatures. It is characterized by high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and is widely used in abrasives, refractory materials and other fields.

2、What color is brown fused alumina?

The color of brown fused alumina is mainly brown, which also accounts for its name. The color may vary slightly depending on the production process and raw materials used.

3、What is the hardness of brown fused alumina?

The hardness of brown fused alumina is relatively high, with a Mohs hardness ranging from 7 to 9. This makes it a very wear-resistant natural material.

4、What are the uses of brown fused alumina?

brown fused alumina is widely used in various industrial fields due to its high hardness and wear resistance. As an abrasive, it can be used in grinding wheels, grinding stones and other tools for grinding and polishing various hard materials. In the refractory materials industry, brown fused alumina can be processed into refractory bricks, crucibles, etc., which are used in high-temperature industrial furnaces in industries such as steel, glass, and ceramics. Additionally, brown fused alumina can also be used as an additive in paints, plastics and other fields.

5、How is brown fused alumina produced?

The production of brown fused alumina mainly relies on the high-temperature smelting process of bauxite. After bauxite undergoes high-temperature reduction melting, it is rapidly cooled to form brown fused alumina. Depending on different production processes and additives, brown fused alumina products with different properties can be obtained.

6、How can the quality of brown fused alumina be judged?

The quality of brown fused alumina can be judged based on its chemical composition, physical properties such as hardness, purity, etc. High-quality brown fused alumina should have high hardness, low impurity content and other characteristics to ensure its wear resistance and refractoriness.

7、Is brown fused alumina harmful to the human body?

In general, brown fused alumina is not harmful to the human body. However, attention should be paid to avoiding excessive dust inhalation during production and use to prevent respiratory system damage.

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