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Black Silicon Carbide

Black silicon carbide is the crystalline form of silicon carbide, produced through high-temperature smelting in a resistance furnace. Its hardness is between corundum and synthetic diamonds, exhibiting high mechanical strength while being brittle and sharp in nature.

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Green Silicon Carbide

Green silicon carbide is made from petroleum coke and silica as the main raw materials, with salt added as an additive, and smelted at high temperature in a resistance furnace. It is green crystal, and has certain thermal and electrical conductivity.

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White Fused Alumina

White fused alumina is made of industrial alumina oxide powder as raw material. The main ingredient of aluminum oxide content is more than 98%, and contains a small amount of iron oxide, silicon oxide and other components. It has high purity and strong grinding ability.

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Brown Fused Alumina

Brown fused alumina is a high-quality abrasive material which is obtained by melting and reducing three basic raw materials: alumina, high-quality carbon materials, and iron filings. This process results in brown fused alumina with a rich aluminum powder.

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China Yafeite Group was established in 2006 and is the best manufacturer and supplier of silicon carbide and related products in China. The company is mainly committed to the research and development, production and sales of metal abrasives, corundum and alumina ceramic balls. It has complete quality testing methods and customer service systems, and has passed the US SAE certification and ISO9001 international quality certification.


Abrasive Properties

SiC is widely used as an abrasive material in grinding wheels and other abrasive products.
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Refractory Materials

SiC is utilized in the production of advanced ceramics and refractory materials.
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Metallurgical Applications

SiC is used in the production of iron and steel as a deoxidizing agent.
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Functional Ceramics

It is widely used in various fields such as the chemical industry, electronics, aviation, aerospace, biomedicine, etc.
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Featured Products

Alumina grinding ball

Alumina Balls

Alumina balls, also known as alumina ceramic balls or alumina grinding balls, are spherical-shaped ceramic balls made of high-purity aluminum oxide (alumina). These balls are widely used as grinding media in various industries due to their excellent properties.

Alumina Ceramic Balls Applications

Alumina ceramic balls are widely used in various industries due to their unique properties such as high hardness, chemical inertness, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation. For example: abrasive media, catalyst support, adsorption bed, ball bearing, insulator, abrasive application and precision application.

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Yes, the products standards can be customized.

Quoted price based on raw material and production costs.

Yes, normally 1kg free samples.

We have tests for each production step and a final test for each batch.

Also, third-party test like SGS is available on request.

Yes,product models are very complete.

Yes. We provide 24-hour pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.

The differences include the raw material, color, usage, and so on.

Are there any precautions when storing silicon carbide?

We are a professional abrasive manufacturer

We can offer discount for large quantity.

The delivery time is calculated by our production schedules.

The delivery time is calculated by our production schedules.

We have black SIC and Green SIC. Powders and grains.

We can offer all kinds of packages. Like a 25kg bag, ton bag, pallet, or carbon box, it can be customized.

The differences include the raw material, color, usage, and so on.

The differences include the raw material, color, usage, and so on.

Yes, our service is based on customer needs.

No specific typical shelf life under good package and stock condition.

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