White Fused Alumina

White Fused Alumina

Moh’s Hardness: 9-9.5

Purity: >99% Aluminum Oxide

Application: Refractory, Sandblasting, Grinding and Polishing, Precision Casting

White Fused Alumina Description

Main ingredients: Aluminum oxide content is more than 98%, and contains a small amount of iron oxide, silicon oxide, and other components. It is made by smelting in an arc at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees and then cooling. It is crushed, shaped, and magnetically separated. After removing iron, it is sieved into various particle sizes. Its texture is dense and hard, and the particles form sharp corners.

Available Size

White Tabular Alumina

White tabular alumina is an abrasive material with a white color and no obvious impurities. It is usually prepared from aluminum oxide and has a plate-like or sheet-like form.

White Corundum Grit

White fused alumina grit refers to the particle morphology of white fused alumina abrasives, widely used in industrial fields such as grinding, polishing, polishing, and surface treatment.

White Corundum Powder

White corundum powder is a product of grinding white corundum into fine or micro form, which has the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, high melting point, and high temperature resistance.


WFA Grit
Grain Size WFAComponentRequired by GB StandardTypical Value of Our Product
#4 – #80Al2O3≥ 99.10%0.9965
Na2O≤ 0.35%0.0022
#90 – #150Al2O3≥ 99.10%0.9935
Na2O≤ 0.40%0.003
#180 – #220Al2O3≥ 98.60%0.992
Na2O≤ 0.50%0.0036
Refractory WFA
SizeNa2O %Magnetic material%SiO2 %

Application of White Corundum

Abrasives and Grinding Tools

Due to its extremely high hardness, it is often used as an abrasive and grinding tool.

Ceramic Industry

Used to produce high-performance ceramic parts, such as cutting tools, bearing balls, and seals.

Mold Processing

Used for surface sandblasting of molds, manufacturing of grinding tools, etc.

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How to Choose High-Quality white Corundum?

Client Feedback

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White corundum customer feedback
John Doe
John Doe@John Doe
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Your company's silicon carbide powder is outstanding, with uniform and fine particles that significantly enhance the wear resistance of our ceramic products. Customer satisfaction has greatly increased!
Alessia Montague
Alessia Montague@Alessia Montague
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We have always relied on your company's silicon carbide powder. Its outstanding stability and high purity ensure the consistency of our production process, giving us a long-term competitive advantage.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez@Javier Rodriguez
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The purity and particle size of the silicon carbide powder are leading in the industry. Your company's product allows us to produce ceramics with higher temperature resistance, and customers are very satisfied with their durability.
Freya Andersson
Freya Andersson@Freya Andersson
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We have been collaborating with your company, and the reliability and excellent quality of the silicon carbide powder enable our products to stand out in the market, earning widespread praise.
Malik Al-Farsi
Malik Al-Farsi@Malik Al-Farsi
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Your company's silicon carbide powder not only provides excellent performance but also at a reasonable price. This makes us competitive in the market, and customer feedback has become more positive
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa@Thiago Costa
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We are impressed with your company's silicon carbide powder, and its application in our products has given them higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Customer acceptance of the new products has rapidly increased.

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