What is Corundum Used For?

the application of corundum as abrasive

Corundum, abbreviated as WA, is a rare and extremely hard mineral with the chemical formula Al₂O₃, which represents aluminium oxide. It features a crystalline structure composed of aluminium and oxygen elements, exhibiting a hexagonal crystal system. In this article, we will delve into the discussion about what corundum is used for.

Characteristics of corundum:

High Hardness: Corundum exhibits an exceptionally high hardness with a Mohs hardness rating of 9, making it the second-hardest mineral after diamond. The notable hardness of corundum allows for widespread applications in the abrasives industry, particularly for grinding hard materials.

Moh's hardness

High-Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance: The unique crystal structure, chemical composition, high melting point, and chemical inertness of corundum contribute to its remarkable stability in various chemical and high-temperature environments. These properties enable corundum to maintain its original structure and characteristics under elevated temperatures and corrosive conditions.

Processable into Various Particle Sizes: The manufacturing process of corundum typically involves crushing, screening, grinding, air classification, and chemical methods. Through these processing methods, a wide range of corundum grit can be obtained, varying from coarse to fine, to meet diverse application requirements. For instance, larger particles are commonly used for grinding and polishing larger surfaces, while smaller particles are suitable for fine grinding and polishing tasks that demand higher surface quality.

Corundum is commonly employed in industries as a refractory material and finds applications in refractory-related processes.

Application of corundum as refractory material

The high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of corundum (alumina) makes it suitable for use as a lining material in high-temperature equipment, such as kilns, crucibles, power boilers, and electric furnaces, in industries like metallurgy, glass, ceramics, and electric power. The high-temperature performance of corundum ensures the stable operation of equipment for an extended period in high-temperature environments, preventing softening or cracking. This, in turn, prolongs the lifespan of the equipment and significantly reduces maintenance costs for businesses.

Due to its highly stable chemical properties, corundum is also employed as a catalyst in the petrochemical industry. Its high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance contribute to maintaining the stability and activity of the catalyst, enhancing the efficiency of cracking reactions.

corundum lining

The aforementioned applications highlight the use of corundum as a refractory material, primarily for lining high-temperature equipment and serving as a catalyst in the petrochemical industry.

Application of Corundum as Abrasive:

Corundum used as an abrasive material, finds its primary applications in industries such as metal processing, glass manufacturing, ceramics manufacturing, gemstone processing, woodworking, and medical instrument manufacturing.

Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, corundum is particularly employed for polishing and grinding finished products in various applications. Examples include grinding and polishing ceramic and glass products, grinding automotive components, and grinding medical instruments. The use of corundum as an abrasive in these processes not only reduces the frequency of abrasive replacement, lowering replacement and maintenance costs but also enhances efficiency during grinding. This efficiency contributes to lower overall energy consumption, aiding environmental sustainability, and reducing production costs for businesses.

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