Understanding Lead Plate: Advantages, Production, and Supplier

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What is Lead Plate?

Lead plate is a plate rolled from metallic lead, and its main component is lead. Lead plate has the characteristics of high specific gravity and high density, with a specific gravity of approximately 11.345g/cm³.

What are the Applications of Lead Plate?

The quality of the lead plate with anti-corrosion, acid, and alkaline resistance is high which makes it broadly applied in different sectors.

Portable lead plates make less harmfull own this kind of value that lead the manufactural of lead plate, lead cloth products, lead cap, mask and other radiative protective equipment.

Lead plates are even utilized in health centers, mines, nuclear industry, electric power, radiation shielding, environment acid resistance, weights, soundproof, and so on. Beyond that, their properties could compete well in construction of acid resistance, weights, sound proof, etc.

For instance, lead plate may be used to treat noisy machinery and even act as an anti-corrosive materials for batteries, insulating cables and metallurgical industrial equipment.

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The Manufacturing Process of Yafeite Lead Plates

The process of producing lead plates involves multiple steps. Different lead plate manufacturers use slightly different processes. The process generally includes the following links:

Raw material preparation: Firstly the lead plate quality can be ensured only using as its raw material high purity of lead ingots. After going through quality inspection these are now ingots and they meet the standard requirements for the production of lead plates.

Smelting: Next comes the lead ingot being placed inside the furnace and then this is melted. The liquid lead anticipates a temperature above its melting point during the ingot melting range where the lead ingot is heated until it turns into liquid lead. The process of smelting may include small additions of oxidizing agents or other compounds that help speed up the smelting or they can in the process of removing impurities.


Casting: Molten lead is next poured into the mold and is cast there. This part of the process is intended to form the first form to be used in the molding of lead plates. In the casting there are also some points that are important to control, such as temperature and cooling rate for achieving the best performance and quality of the lead steel plate.

Rolling: A cast plate blank is fed to the rolling mill which is then rolled through it. Rolling is the main process that results in the alloy being reduced to the needed plate thickness and quality. During the rolling process, the front plate undergoes several passes and its finish is rectified consistently to achieve a desired size and shape.

Annealing: The lead must, of course, imperatively pass through the annealing process. Through the process of annealing, we release the internal stress that is generated by the back end during the rolling process, and thus enhance the material’s plasticity.

Cutting and Packaging: Bearing in mind the diversities in customer requirements,  lead plates may need to be cut to specific sizes. Finally, the quality-tested lead plates are properly packaged for shipping and storage.

Advantages of Using Yafeite Lead Plates

Excellent radiation protection performance: Yafeite Lead plate has an excellent shielding effect on radiation, making it an indispensable protective material in medical, nuclear industry and other fields. For example, in X-ray rooms, CT rooms, nuclear medicine and other places, lead plates are often used to build protective walls and screen doors to protect staff and patients from radiation damage.

Good chemical stability: Yafeite Lead plate has excellent acid and alkali resistance and can maintain its stability and functionality in various harsh environments. This makes lead plates widely used in chemical, electroplating, metallurgy and other industries to make anti-corrosion materials, equipment linings, etc.

Excellent sound insulation performance: The lead plate of Yafeite has good sound insulation effect and can effectively reduce the spread of noise. Therefore, lead plates are often used as sound insulation materials in places where noise needs to be controlled, such as recording studios, theaters, conference rooms, etc.

Strong plasticity: The lead plate is soft in texture, easy to process and shape, and can be cut, bent, welded and other operations according to different needs. This allows lead plates to be highly flexible in the manufacturing process and able to meet a variety of complex design requirements.


Good durability: Yafeite Lead plates have good corrosion resistance and are not susceptible to oxidation and erosion, so they have a long service life. In addition, the lead plate has high wear resistance and can withstand greater pressure and friction.

Safety and environmental protection: Yafeite Lead plates will not produce harmful substances during use and will not pollute the environment. At the same time, the lead plates can be recycled and meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.

To sum up, our lead plates have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent protective properties, chemical stability, sound insulation properties, plasticity and durability. At the same time, its environmental protection characteristics also meet the requirements of modern society for green and sustainable development.

Lead Plate for Sale

We now have for sale high quality lead plates suitable for a variety of industrial and protective needs. These lead plates are manufactured from high-quality lead material with excellent radiation protection, chemical stability and sound insulation.

Whether used for medical X-ray rooms, nuclear industry protection, chemical corrosion protection, and equipment sound insulation, our lead plates provide excellent performance and long-lasting durability.

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Our lead plates come in various specifications and can be customized according to the different needs of our customers. Be it thickness, size or purity, we have you covered.

At the same time, we focus on product quality and after-sales service to ensure that the lead plates you purchase are not only of high quality, but also receive timely technical support and solutions during use.

If you are looking for high quality lead plates, welcome to contact us for more information. We promise to meet your needs with reasonable prices, high-quality products and professional services.


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