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Yafeite Group, established in 2006 as one of the best manufacturers of steel shot, is the professional exporter of steel shot in China, with an annual output of 80,000 to 100,000 metric tons.

Our products, steel shots, are mainly exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, such as Japan, Korea, Canada, Turkey, the Philippines, and Italy.

Our company has advanced equipment and a flawless quality detection system. Our products, steel shots, have obtained ISO9001:2008 International Quality System authentication. The quality of our steel shot can meet the different requirements of different clients in different countries and regions.

Our main products are steel shot with diameters ranging from 0.24mm to 1.40mm. They are mainly applied to various fields, such as shot blasting and sandblasting, industrial cleaning, burnishing, rust removal, and surface cleaning. That’s why we have obtained a high reputation from customers in domestic and foreign markets.

We sincerely welcome customers from both at home and abroad to negotiate business with us. Our serious promise is to supply you with high-quality products, competitive prices, timely delivery, and satisfactory service. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us at any time.


What is Steel Shot?

Steel shot is mainly spherical particles made of special materials by special heat treatment, which is widely used in the skin removal and rust removal treatment of iron and steel workpiece before painting.

This is because, compared with manual rust removal and manual mechanical rust removal, steel shot, as a traditional metal abrasive, has the characteristics of high rust removal efficiency, good quality, no pollution, and less harm to the human body, and can more thoroughly remove impurities on the metal surface.

Why Choose Yafeite Steel Shot?

Specializing in metal abrasives such as steel shot, steel sand, and steel wire cutting shot, as well as steel ball products for 19 years, our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. We also have rich experience in foreign trade, with nearly ten years of deep cultivation experience. The company has strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, ISO9001 certification, and utilizes the most advanced dual frequency power centrifugal granulation technology to produce high-strength, long-life, and reinforced cast steel pellets.

Strict quality control procedures ensure that the produced steel shot products have uniform particles, compact structures, and fast cleaning; Moderate hardness, good resilience and strong impact force, good toughness, strong impact resistance, long service life, and minimal wear during use.

Different applications may require different types of steel to manufacture steel pellets. Yafeite provides customizable solutions for customers to choose appropriate materials based on specific needs to meet different application needs.

According to different needs, Yafeite Steel Shot can provide various sizes to adapt to different cleaning, polishing, or spray strengthening treatments.

While meeting high-quality requirements, Yafeite is committed to providing cost-effective products, allowing customers to balance cost-effectiveness while purchasing high-quality products.

We attach great importance to sustainability in the production process, strictly implement quality control, and focus on safety, environmental protection, and renewable energy utilization.

Yafeite has established a stable supply chain system, which helps with timely product delivery, shortens transaction time, and provides customers with a satisfactory trading experience.

Provide comprehensive pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services, customized according to your specific requirements, to meet your required specifications, packaging, and transportation requirements.

Steel Shot Size Chart


S110 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Light cleaning, thin metal surfaces


S170 Steel Shot

Typical Application:General cleaning, pre-paint preparation


S230 Steel Shot

Typical Application:General purpose, standard blasting tasks


S280 Steel Shot

Typical Application:General purpose, heavier blasting


S330 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Aggressive cleaning, scale removal


S390 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Heavy-duty cleaning, thick coatings


S460 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Surface etching, heavy-duty applications


S550 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Aggressive blasting, heavy rust removal


S660 Steel Shot

Typical Application:Heavy-duty blasting, large surfaces

Strict Manufacturing Process of Steel Shot

Raw Materials Preparation

Prepare high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel as raw materials.


Cut the raw materials into appropriate sizes and then feed these small pieces into the molding machine. Raw materials are shaped into spherical or nearly spherical shapes through rolling or other mechanical methods.

Heat Treatment

Send the formed steel shot into the heat treatment furnace to complete the changes in hardness and strength of the steel shot.

Screening and Grading

Screen the heat-treated steel pellets through a sieve or other grading equipment to ensure that the size of the steel pellets is within the specified range.

Surface Treatment

Polish the surface of the steel shot to improve its quality and cleanliness.

Packaging and Quality Inspection

Perform final packaging and quality inspection on the manufactured steel shot to ensure compliance with specified standards and specifications.

production process

Applications of Steel Shot

Shot Blasting
The steel shot is powered by the high-speed rotating impeller on the shot blasting machine. The high-speed running steel shot continuously strikes the working surface, producing a force that separates the dirt (oxide skin, sand, etc.) on the surface of the workpiece from the workpiece itself, playing a cleaning role and making the appearance of the product uniform and beautiful.

Shot Peening
Using high-speed shot steel to impact the surface of the workpiece at room temperature, the surface material of the workpiece undergoes elastic-plastic deformation at recrystallization temperature, presenting an ideal microstructure and residual stress distribution, thereby improving the strength and fatigue resistance of the workpiece.

Cleaning and Polishing
Used in tumbling and vibratory finishing machines to clean, deburr, and polish metal parts to achieve a smooth and polished surface on metal components.

Surface Preparation
By utilizing the function of the impeller to compress air, steel shot and steel sand are sprayed onto the metal surface. While cleaning the surface, good roughness is produced on the metal surface, ensuring effective bonding between the coating and the metal surface during the spraying process.

Steel Shot Package

Based on your needs, we can provide different forms of packaging. Here are some common packaging options we can offer:Drums、Bulk Sacks、Bags、Metric Packaging、Polythene Bags on Pallets、Steel Drums on Special Drum Pallets。


Steel shot is a type of metal abrasive that is commonly used in various industrial processes, particularly in abrasive blasting and shot peening.

The usual material used to make steel shot is high carbon steel. To make it, spring steel wire is cut into lengths that match the shot's diameter.

It is widely used for shot peening of ferrous materials, cleaning metal surfaces, and in certain machining processes.

Steel shot is available in various sizes, such as S110, S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S550, S660.

Yes, it is recyclable. It's made from recycled materials, which contributes to its environmental benefits.

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