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Steel grit blasting is an extremely popular abrasive used in sandblasting operations, where it serves to clean surfaces prior to coating, remove rust and paint deposits from steel surfaces, and perform metalworking tasks such as scraping. Steel grit is valued for its hardness, durability, and ability to be recycled multiple times without losing effectiveness.

China Yafeite offers high-grade steel grit sizes, available in various sizes and hardness levels to meet various application needs. As an abrasive grit supplier with nearly two decades of history, Yafeite not only sells steel grit but also provides tailored services.


What is Steel Grit ?

Steel grit, more commonly referred to as “steel sand,” is an iron powder commonly used as anti-slip and applied in various engineering projects. Constructed of high-carbon steel and formed into particles with sharp and angular structures upon crushing, steel grit is particularly well suited to certain forms of sandblasting and surface treatment sandblasting techniques.

The Main Properties of Our Steel Grit

Specification Level




390HV-530HV; 470HV-610HV; 570HV-710HV; ≥ 700HV


Chemical Composition

carbon: 0.8% -1.2%, manganese: 0.35% -1.2%, silicon: ≥ 0.4%, sulfur, phosphorus: ≤ 0.05%

Metallographic Structure

tempered martensite or tempered martensite


≥ 7.0g/cm3

Total Defects

≤ 40%

Foreign Impurities

≤ 1%

Water Content

≤ 0.2%

Steel Grit Size Chart

G14 Steel Grit

G14 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Shipbuilding industry for removing thick coatings and rust from ship hulls, preparing them for repainting.

G16 Steel Grit

G16 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Steel structure processing for removing old paint and rust in construction and bridge building.

G18 Steel Grit

G18 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Automotive industry for surface preparation and cleaning of car bodies, removing oxidation layers after welding.

G25 Steel Grit

G25 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Foundry industry for cleaning small to medium-sized castings, improving coating adhesion.

G40 Steel Grit

G40 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Metal products for surface treatment of precision castings and crafts, as well as cleaning and preparing precision parts.

G80 Steel Grit

G80 Steel Grit

Typical Application:Mold manufacturing for detail cleaning and polishing of molds, ensuring flawless surfaces.

Strict Manufacturing Process of Steel Grit

Steel grit manufacturing entails turning high-carbon steel into abrasive particles suitable for surface treatment applications, through several steps. These include raw materials preparation; production; packaging and distribution and use.

Raw Materials Preparation:
Produce steel grit with high carbon steel as the raw material.

Slash or Shear:

High carbon steel should be cut or sheared into small cylindrical fragments known as shreds or shots which serve as starting material for creating steel grit.

Heat Treatment:

Following cutting, wire undergoes annealing treatment – a process in which steel is heated to an exact temperature before slowly cooling to reach its required hardness for subsequent manufacturing steps.


Once treated with heat treatment and slowly cooled off again, subsequent steps in manufacturing involve further processing such as Granulation or Granulation. Cut wire is transformed into smaller particles through processes like crushing or atomization, giving them angular shapes with sharp edges.


Granular steel is separated into various sizes according to mesh size or sieve analysis, to ensure it meets specified size specifications.

Hardening (optional):

To achieve the desired hardness level of steel grit, additional heat treatments may be conducted depending on its specific hardness level.

Quality Control:

Conduct hardness tests and dimension measurements on steel grit to ensure it satisfies specified standards and requirements for quality control measures.

Applications of Steel Grit

Surface Cleaning

Steel grit is widely used to clean and prepare surfaces, such as metal ones, to remove contaminants such as rust, scale, old paint or other pollutants. Due to its angular shape and hardness, it allows it to effectively create the necessary surface profile required for coating and adhesion purposes.

Shipbuilding and Maritime Industries

Steel grit is used extensively within the shipbuilding industry to remove marine growth, rust, and coatings effectively and ensure adhesion of protective coatings.

Deburring and Deflashing

Steel grit’s grinding properties make it ideal for deburring and deflashing applications, which remove burrs, sharp edges, or excess materials on metal parts – thus improving both their quality and functionality.

Foundry Applications

Within the foundry industry, steel grit is widely utilized to clean and descale castings, prepare surfaces for coatings and enhance finishes on metal parts – helping ensure consistent and uniform surfaces on cast metal parts.

Steel Grit Packaging

Standard packaging comes in 25kg bags or 1-ton bulk bags depending on customer requirements;

All created for optimal handling and storage conditions with palletized loads available to facilitate transport and storage.


Steel Grit is an abrasive material commonly used in industrial settings for surface preparation and cleaning applications, typically consisting of high carbon steel in an angular form with hardness characteristics defining it as an abrasive material.

Although both steel grit and steel shot are surface treatment abrasives, their main distinction lies in their particle shapes: Steel grit has more aggressive particles which make it ideal for tasks such as stripping away rust and coatings while steel shot typically features circular particles used for shot peening or smooth surfaces.

Steel grit is an affordable abrasive material used in various industries for surface preparation and cleaning purposes, including surface preparation.

Yes, steel grit can usually be recycled and used again in sandblasting processes to lower costs and lessen environmental impact.

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