Silicon Carbide Powder Production and Application

Application of silicon carbide powder

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent mechanical properties, thermal conductivity, thermal stability, wear resistance, and chemical stability. In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the application scope of high-purity silicon carbide powder has become increasingly widespread, especially in fields such as semiconductors, ceramics, and refractory materials.

1.Preparation Methods and Processes for Silicon Carbide Powder

In general, the silicon carbide powder used in industry undergoes processing to meet specific requirements.
Silicon carbide powder MADE

1.1Preparation Method for Silicon Carbide Powder:

Synthesis of Silicon Carbide: Select carbon raw materials such as petroleum coke, anthracite, charcoal, etc., and silicon raw materials (quartz sand, silicon stone, etc.), and obtain silicon carbide through high-temperature sintering. The detailed production process of silicon carbide involves:

Processing and Crushing: After synthesis, silicon carbide typically exists in block form. It is necessary to use a crusher to break it into particles not exceeding 5 millimetres. Then, a moulding machine is used to shape it into particles not exceeding 2 millimetres, with elliptical particles constituting over 80%.

Acid Washing: Wash the silicon carbide powder with acid to remove impurities and enhance purity. For silicon carbide powder with high purity requirements, hydrofluoric acid or mixed acid is recommended. For lower purity requirements, hydrochloric acid can be used.

Drying: The silicon carbide powder, after acid washing, tends to be wet. It needs to undergo drying to obtain the final product. The main drying methods include hot air drying, vacuum drying, microwave drying, and infrared drying. For silicon carbide powder with high drying speed requirements, hot air drying or microwave drying is recommended. For those with high drying efficiency requirements, vacuum drying or infrared drying is suggested.

The above outlines the method for producing silicon carbide powder. The specific production process for silicon carbide powder may be adjusted based on different application fields and requirements.
Production of silicon carbide powder

1.2The impact of different processes on the properties of silicon carbide powder can be summarized as follows:

Raw Material PurityAffects purity, particle size distribution, and phase composition
Raw Material Particle SizeAffects particle size distribution and phase composition
Synthesis MethodAffects morphology, particle size, crystal structure, and chemical composition
Processing TechniqueAffects particle size distribution, surface morphology, and bulk density
Heat TreatmentAffects grain size, crystal structure, and chemical composition

2.Applications of Silicon Carbide Powder

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the application scope of silicon carbide powder has become increasingly widespread, especially in the fields of semiconductor, ceramics, and refractory materials.
Application of silicon carbide powder

Refractory Materials:

Silicon carbide powder is a crucial raw material for manufacturing refractory materials used in high-temperature furnaces, kilns, crucibles, etc., in industries such as metallurgy, construction materials, and chemicals. Its high temperature resistance, exceeding 2000°C, makes it suitable for producing furnace lining bricks and plates, effectively extending the lifespan of high-temperature furnaces and reducing production costs.


Silicon carbide powder is a vital material for manufacturing abrasives used in processing metals, ceramics, stone, and other materials. With a hardness second only to diamond, silicon carbide powder exhibits extremely high abrasive performance.


Silicon carbide powder can be used to produce high-performance ceramics, including structural ceramics, functional ceramics, and specialty ceramics. The addition of silicon carbide powder enhances the strength, rigidity, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance of ceramics.


In the semiconductor industry, where high purity is often required, silicon carbide finds widespread use in manufacturing power electronic devices such as Schottky diodes, Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs), and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). Due to its superior performance, including high-frequency efficiency, high voltage resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong radiation resistance, and chemical stability, silicon carbide holds promising applications in strategic emerging fields such as semiconductor lighting, 5G communication technology, solar energy, smart grids, and new energy integration.



Refractory Materials

Blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces, kilns, crucibles, etc.


Grinding wheels, abrasive heads, polishing pastes, polishing compounds, etc.


Structural ceramics, functional ceramics, specialty ceramics, etc.


Power devices, radio frequency devices, optoelectronic devices, etc.

Composite Materials

Aerospace structures, defense and military equipment, automotive braking systems, etc.


Brake pads, seals, nozzles, filters, heating elements, etc.

3.Silicon Carbide Powder Manufacturers:

Silicon carbide powder manufacturers are primarily located in Asia, Europe, and North America. Asia stands out as the main region for silicon carbide powder manufacturing, with China, Japan, and South Korea being key production countries in this region. Yafeite, as a leading silicon carbide powder manufacturer in China, boasts years of production experience in the silicon carbide domain. We are renowned for our commitment to quality and integrity. If you require silicon carbide powder, please feel free to contact us:

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