Silicon Carbide MOSFET: A Comprehensive Guide

Silicon Carbide MOSFET: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Silicon Carbide MOSFET?

A SiC MOSFET (SiC-MOSFET; meaning of SiC-MOSFET is Silicon Carbide Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is a group of field effect devices in which the material of silicon carbide (SiC) is used as the semiconductor material.

Besides that, silicon carbide devices have an electron energy band gap which is wider and electron saturation drift velocity which is higher than that of the traditional silicon ones.

Therefore, silicon carbide field effect transistors can be directly utilized where higher breakdown voltage, higher switching frequency and lower on-resistance terms are required. The fabrication of silicon carbide field effect transistor starts with a silicon carbide substrate, then an insulating layer cover the basic silicon carbide element at last ending with gate, drain and source addition.

What is the Working Principle of Silicon Carbide MOSFET?

The working principle of the silicon carbide field effect transistor is to use the electric field of the PN junction to control the current. When the control electrode applies a certain voltage, the electric field distribution of the PN junction can be changed, thereby controlling the size of the current.

What are the Advantages of Silicon Carbide MOSFET?

High temperature stability: Silicon carbide MOSFET has a high operating temperature range and can maintain stability in high temperature environments.

This is due to the wide bandgap characteristics of silicon carbide material, which makes silicon carbide MOSFET have smaller inverted high voltage leakage current and can resist the reduction of electron migration at high temperatures.

mosfet silicon carbide

High voltage withstand capability: Silicon carbide material has a higher breakdown electric field strength than silicon material, so silicon carbide MOSFET can operate in a higher voltage range while achieving lower leakage current and higher reliability.

Fast switching speed: Silicon carbide MOSFETs have extremely fast response times, making them ideal for high-frequency switching applications.

Compared with traditional silicon MOSFETs, silicon carbide MOSFETs exhibit faster switching speeds under the same driving and load conditions, thereby increasing the efficiency of the converter.

Low on-resistance: Silicon carbide MOSFETs have low on-resistance, which helps reduce power loss, making them excellent in applications such as energy conversion.

Optimized capacitance: Silicon carbide MOSFET modules improve capacitance performance by increasing controllable factors within the semiconductor, further optimizing its performance.

High noise resistance: Silicon carbide MOSFET has excellent noise resistance and can effectively suppress high noise generated by local structures and achieve noise elimination.

High reliability: Silicon carbide MOSFET shows good stability during operation and has high reliability.

What are Silicon Carbide MOSFETs Used for?

silicon carbide field effect transistors have broad application prospects in modern power electronics and industrial control fields, especially in high-power applications such as electric vehicles, solar inverters, industrial drives, etc.


In addition, because silicon carbide MOSFET has higher power density, lower switching losses and higher temperature stability, it is also widely used in energy conversion, AC/DC power conversion, automotive and aerospace and other fields.

Introduction to Tesla Silicon Carbide

When it comes to the application of silicon carbide in the field of autonomous vehicles, we have to say Tesla silicon carbide.

Tesla silicon carbide refers to the application of silicon carbide in Tesla. There is no doubt that Tesla and silicon carbide have a fairly close connection, which is presented in the form of Tesla invented silicon carbide chips to apply it to electric vehicles especially to establish special silicon carbide MOSFET power chips, which promote further the use of silicon carbide in the entire supply chain of electric vehicles. Following the impact the chip industry has gained with its growing status is of paramount importance.

tesla silicon carbide mosfet

Tesla is implementing the latest generation of super-efficient high voltage silicon carbide MOSFETs for the Model 3. This material shares some important points with the latest sili-con IEEE 802.3.

Through silicon carbide MOSFETs, the efficiency of the power electronic systems is considerably enhanced, power conversion losses are much reduced, and the talk weight and size of the system are also greatly lowered. It is thanks to this high energy density that an EV can provide you with a long driving range at a reasonable price.

Tesla making use of the silicon carbide MOSFETs correlate with improving the competitiveness of its products. Last but not least, this trend of silicon carbide materials grounded on silicon carbide development will bring out their popularity in the electric vehicle industry.

So it is true that Tesla is a key initiator and a practical promoter of silicon carbide technology in the areas of electric vehicles, which is a close link and important to look after.

Silicon Carbide Manufacturer

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