Silicon Carbide Insulator: Types and Applications

Silicon Carbide Insulator: Types and Applications

Introduction to Silicon Carbide Insulator

What is Silicon Carbide Insulator?

Silicon carbide insulator refers to an insulating layer made of silicon carbide (SiC) material. In the USCI silicon carbide MOS transistor (a special structure MOS field effect transistor), the dielectric layer is made of silicon carbide material, usually in an amorphous form.

This layer is usually very thin and has excellent insulating properties, effectively blocking the flow of electrical current.

The Types of Silicon Carbide Insulator








Based on impurity content and lattice defect density


4H-SiC N-type semi-insulating (SIC) wafer


Low impurity content and lattice defect density, and good surface quality


Preparation of power devices, radio frequency devices, and optoelectronic devices


4H-SiC N-type low impurity (Low Doping, LD) wafer


Slightly higher impurity content


Preparation of power devices, radio frequency devices, and optoelectronic devices



Based on manufacturing process and crystal structure


Single crystal silicon carbide insulator


High purity and perfect crystal structure


Ideal for applications requiring high performance and stability


Polycrystalline silicon carbide insulator


The manufacturing process is relatively simple and the cost is low


Suitable for certain applications with less stringent performance requirements




Based on application field


Silicon carbide insulators for power electronics


Excellent high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance


Suitable for high power and high efficiency conversion in power electronic systems


Silicon carbide insulators for high frequency electronics


Lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss


Suitable for high-frequency communications,microwave devices, etc.

The Advantages of Using Silicon Carbide Insulator

type of silicon carbide Insulator

The advantages of silicon carbide insulator are the same as those of silicon carbide.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Lightweight

Silicon Carbide Insulator Manufacturing Process

The production of silicon carbide insulators involves a variety of preparation techniques. If you are interested in the preparation techniques of silicon carbide insulators, here we will introduce some of the common methods:

silicon carbide insulator

Direct preparation method: As we can judge from the name, it is a relatively direct preparation method, that is, silicon carbide is prepared directly on a silicon dioxide substrate. This usually involves depositing a layer of amorphous silicon on a silicon dioxide wafer and then annealing it to convert it to polysilicon. Next, carbon ions are implanted into the polysilicon layer to form polycrystalline silicon carbide.

Chemical vapor deposition method: This is a newer preparation technology that involves mixing a carbon source material (such as SiCl4 or CH3SiCl3) and a gas (such as NH3 or H2) and vaporizing it by heating. Then, the gaseous mixture is transported to the reactor, and under the action of a catalyst, a carbonization reaction occurs at a high enough temperature (usually 800-1200°C) to deposit a silicon carbide film on the substrate.

Sol-gel method: This method gels the precursor solution through a sol-gel reaction to prepare silicon carbide powder. The gel is calcined at a specific temperature, dehydration, dechlorination and carbonization reactions occur, and silicon carbide powder is finally obtained.

The Applications of Silicon Carbide Insulator


  • Power electronics field: such as inverters, frequency converters, power supplies, etc.
  • Automotive electronics field: Automotive electronics, such as electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc.
  • Optoelectronics field: high-speed communication, optical communication, photoelectric detection and other fields
  • New energy fields: solar cells, wind turbines, energy storage equipment and other fields


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