Как контролировать расходы на использование металлических абразивов в условиях жесткой экономики

In the current global economic environment is increasingly tense background, the manufacturing industry is facing enormous cost pressure. How to protect product quality while effectively controlling costs has become an urgent problem for many enterprises. Among them, metal abrasives as an important consumable, its cost control is particularly critical.

Choice before use, enterprises can optimize the choice of metal abrasives, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of consumption, the following is the enterprise in the choice of metal abrasives should pay attention to several factors.

Hardness of metal abrasives

When the abrasive particles to high-speed movement impact on the surface of the workpiece, the impact kinetic energy applied to them by the equipment, in the moment of impact, part of the energy is always consumed in the deformation of the abrasive, can not be completely transferred to the surface of the impacted workpiece, did not complete the effective role. These consumed energy is largely determined by the hardness of the abrasive.

Hardness is defined as the ability to resist deformation. The higher the hardness, the greater the resistance to deformation, the greater the percentage of energy transferred to the surface of the workpiece, and the more pronounced the cleaning effect.

The actual use of the process, the ideal hardness range of the abrasive material should be moderate, too hard and easy to break, too soft and easy to deform. Some high hardness abrasives (such as cast iron shot), can be quickly cleaned up or strengthened, the price of abrasives is also low, but these abrasives are fragile, high consumption, but also prone to cause premature wear and tear of the wearing parts of the shot blasting equipment, increase maintenance costs; on the contrary, the other some low-hardness abrasives, although there is a low rate of consumption and low prices, but they clean up the cycle time is long, low productivity, a waste of manpower and operating time.

The following graph indicates the relationship between abrasive hardness and life and surface cleaning results.

Metal abrasive sizes

Abrasive size determines the quality of cleanup (finish):

When working with abrasives initially, it is best to use the smallest size of abrasive estimated until the proper size range is established before adding larger sizes. Coverage is most important for cleaning speed. Given the same ability to clean a workpiece, a smaller size will clean faster and better than a larger size because there is a larger coverage (more abrasive drop per unit area of the workpiece being cleaned per unit time), and coverage is most important for cleaning speed.

Crushing properties of metal abrasives

The crushing characteristics of the abrasive will directly affect the cost of the abrasive, the maintenance costs and the cleaning results.

Due to the different chemical composition, production process and metallurgical structure, the inherent fatigue characteristics of each abrasive are different, which determines its crushing characteristics in the blast cleaning equipment are different.

The breakage rate of the abrasive also determines the number of new sharp-edged particles that form during operation. Sharp corners cause high resistance, leading to poor abrasive circulation flow, easy to produce scratches and damage to equipment components.

Therefore the crushing performance of abrasives is an important criterion for measuring quality abrasives.

The above are the three factors that need to be noted in the selection process of metal abrasives in order to reduce unnecessary consumption and realize the efficient use of metal abrasives, so as to maintain sound operation in the current complex economic situation. As a professional manufacturer of abrasives, AFEIT is committed to providing every business owner with high quality and cost-effective products, and welcomes colleagues in the industry to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Let us work together to meet the challenges and create a brighter future.

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