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As the leading manufacturer of lead products, our company specializes in the production and sale of a wide range of high-quality lead products including lead brick, lead pipe, lead pellet, lead plate, lead roof leak, lead casting, lead antimony electrode wire, lead foil, lead hammer, etc. which are mainly applied in the field of chemical, mechanics, radiation, corrosion, soundproofing and vibration absorption. We can process and customize a variety of lead products and can provide the most cost-effective price and service to customers according to their needs

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Lead Brick

Lead brick is a block material made of lead. It has become an important industrial material because it can isolate harmful ionizing radiation. It is mainly used in the nuclear engineering, medical, and engineering industries to protect ionizing radiation.


Lead Pipe

A lead pipe is a plumbing pipe made primarily from lead metal, which is applicable for fertilizer, chemicals, textiles, dyes, and plating as corrosion-resistant and radiation-prevention materials.


Lead Pellet

A small projectile made primarily of lead, widely used in hunting rifles, sports guns, weighing, stuffing, conductor, anti-radiation, sport and training, etc.


Lead Plate

A flat sheet or panel made primarily of lead metal which is applicable for chemical, environment, medicine nuclear power, space, plating, mechanics, and military industries as corrosion and radiation prevention materials.


Lead Roof Leak

Lead roof leaks, also known as lead leaks, are roof protection measures installed on the roof to prevent wind and rain and resist severe weather.


Lead Casting

Lead casting refers to the process of melting lead and pouring it into a mold to solidify and form. Thanks to the low melting point, high density, and ductility of lead, this process is used to produce lead products in different industries.


Lead Antimony Electrode Wire

Lead-antimony electrode wire is a specific type of wire used to make batteries, especially acid-alkali batteries. It is mainly composed of two alloys: lead and antimony.


Lead Foil

Lead foil refers to a metal sheet made of lead. It is widely used in food packaging, air conditioning appliances, building decoration, and other industries because of its strong flexibility and corrosion resistance.


Heavy Hammer & Lead Hammer

A heavy & Lead Hammer is a heavy hammer that is mainly used for various crushing, striking, excavation, and other operations.

Major Advantages of Lead Products

Radiation Shielding

Because of its high density, lead is a great shield against X-rays and gamma rays, among other radiation types. This characteristic is essential for applications involving radiation therapy, nuclear energy, and medical imaging since it protects both patients and medical personnel.

Corrosion Resistance

Because lead resists corrosion so well, it is perfect for areas where corrosive materials or harsh weather are present. This increases the longevity of systems and buildings that use lead, like underground plumbing, chemical factories, and historic building renovations.

Soundproofing and Vibration Absorption

Lead is a dense substance that works well for vibration dampening and soundproofing. To lessen noise pollution absorb vibrations, and improve comfort and operational efficiency, it is utilized in the construction of sound barriers, music studios, and equipment housings.

Malleability and Ease of Shaping

Lead can be easily cast or molded into complicated forms and sizes, meeting unique requirements in a variety of industries thanks to its low melting point and malleability. Due to its softness, lead is also a great material for delicate metalworking since tools like lead hammers can mold other materials without damaging them.

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Yes. Lead products are safe if used correctly, following operating instructions, and following industry-specific regulations.

Yes, lead is one of nature’s most recycled materials. Lead products, such as batteries, are often fully recyclable.

Lead products are used in a variety of industries including radiation shielding, batteries, counterweights and ballasts, and construction.

Due to its high density and atomic number, lead is very effective at absorbing and blocking radiation, especially X-rays and gamma rays.

The choice depends on the specific requirements of your application. Consult our professionals to help you choose the most suitable product.

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