Le principali applicazioni del carburo di silicio nei veicoli a nuova energia

applicazione del carburo di silicio

In previous articles, we have systematically explored the various properties of silicon carbide(SiC)and learned about the production process, application fields, and main models of silicon carbide. With the development of modern technology, cars have become increasingly common in people’s lives and an essential transportation tool. However, few people know that silicon carbide also plays an important role in the automotive field. Today we will systematically introduce the main applications of silicon carbide in the field of new energy vehicles (NEV).

The Reasons Why Silicon Carbide is Used in NEV

To clarify this issue, we first need to understand the reasons why silicon carbide is applied in the field of new energy vehicles.

Industria elettronica del carburo di silicio

Firstly, this is determined by the characteristics of silicon carbide. As is well known, silicon carbide has the characteristics of wear resistance, high hardness, high-temperature resistance, small coefficient of expansion, chemical stability, and lightweight.

Therefore, it is applied in the field of new energy vehicles to improve their acceleration, reduce system costs, and help them achieve lightweight.

So, what are the main applications of silicon carbide in the field of new energy vehicles?

Application of Silicon Carbide in NEV

  • Power exchanger: SiC power device that can operate at higher temperatures and frequencies, which can improve the overall performance of the car.
  • Battery charger: In new energy vehicles, the use of silicon carbide battery modules can improve battery energy storage efficiency, reduce voltage, and improve the reliability of capacitor operation.
  • Motor driver: Used in the motor drive system of electric vehicles, its high-temperature tolerance helps the car achieve better range.
  • Battery manufacturing: The excellent thermal conductivity and high-temperature stability of silicon carbide are used in battery manufacturing, which can reduce the temperature of the battery and extend its service life.
  • LED driver: Silicon carbide can also be applied to LED drivers in cars because it has high-temperature resistance and can provide efficient energy conversion for LED systems.
Carburo di silicio per semiconduttori

Summary of the Application of Silicon Carbide in NEV

By analyzing the application of silicon carbide in new energy vehicles, we can find that its excellent chemical and physical properties play an important role in improving the overall performance of new energy vehicles, improving efficiency, and reducing energy loss.

It can solve several major pain points compared to gasoline vehicles, such as insufficient range, reluctance to drive at high speeds, and long charging time.

In the sustainable development of future new energy vehicles, silicon carbide will play an irreplaceable role.

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