Brown Fused Alumina Coarse Grit

Brown Fused Alumina Coarse Grit

Purezza: 95% -97% Al₂O₃

Raw materials: bauxite, carbon materials, iron filings

Durezza Mohs: ≥ 8.9

Struttura: Tripartite crystal system

Melting point (℃): 2250

Colore: Dark brown (deep blue after calcination)

Applicazioni: abrasives, refractory materials, grinding wheels, sandblasting, resin grinding tools, functional fillers


Brown fused alumina coarse grit refers to corundum with a brown color and relatively large particles. This type of brown corundum is usually used in abrasives, grinding tools, or other industrial applications, with good grinding performance, wide applicability, low cost, and is widely used.


Alta durezza

Stabilità alle alte temperature

Resistenza all'usura

Inerzia chimica


Brown Fused Alumina Coarse Grit Parameter
ApplicazioneDimensione dei graniAl2O3TIo2CaOSiO2Fe2O3Contenuto di materiale magnetico%
PER GLI ABRASIVIF4~F80 P12~P8095.0~95.91.7~3.40,42max1,0 max0,3max0,05 max
F90~F150 P100~P15094.5~95.91.7~3.60,42max1,0 max0,3max0,03 max
F180~F220 P180~P22094.0~95.91.7~3.80,45max1,2 max0,3max0,02 max
F230~F800 P240~P80093,5 min1.7~3.80,45max1,2 max0,3max-
F1000~F1200 P1000~P120093,0 min4.0max0,50max1,4 max0,3max-
P1200-P250092,5 min4.2max0,55max1,6 max0,3max 


Brown corundum coarse grits are widely used in various industrial applications due to their high hardness and wear resistance.

Grinding and abrasives: commonly used in the manufacturing of grinding wheels, abrasive belts, and other abrasive products.

Filler material: can be used as a filler material for some high-performance composite materials.

Produzione di ceramica: can be used for cutting, grinding, and surface treatment of ceramic materials.

Metal processing: used for grinding, polishing, and cleaning metal materials.


Imballaggio personalizzato

1) 25 kg/sacco di plastica intrecciata e 40 sacchi/pallet di legno

2) 25 kg/sacco di carta e 40 sacchi/pallet di legno

3) 1000kg/sacco a pelo

4) 1250kgs/sacco sfuso

5) Imballaggio personalizzato in base alle esigenze del cliente






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