High-Performance Silicon Carbide Foam for Industrial Use

the nature of silicon carbide foam

Silicon carbide, as “a small expert” in industrial applications, is important in many aspects. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it an indispensable material in many fields.

Today we will introduce a wide range of applications of silicon carbide – silicon carbide foam.

Introduction to Silicon Carbide Foam

 The main component of silicon carbide foam is fine-grained silicon carbide powder. It is a type of porous ceramic material with a three-dimensional interconnected network structure.

It is formed by combining materials with different mechanical and chemical properties such as metal, foam silicon carbide porous ceramics and high-performance resins in a unique composite method to form a new type of composite wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline with unique structure and overall enhancement.

the porous structure of silicon carbide foam


The Properties of Silicon Carbide Foam

Hole Characteristics

Three-dimensional connectivity; average pore size between 1.0mm-3.0mm; porosity between 60%-90%.

Temperature Resistance

The temperature can reach over 1400°C in air for a long time.

Thermal Shock Resistance

High-speed air cooling from 1250°C to room temperature, cycled more than 100 times without cracking

Compressive Strength

Usually between 10MPa-40MPa

Thermal Conductivity

Range between 15 W/m×k-40 W/m×k

Key Features of Silicon Carbide Foam

High temperature resistance:

Silicon carbide foam has excellent high temperature resistance and can operate stably for a long time in high temperature environment.

Wear and corrosion resistance:

Silicon carbide foam has high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, and can maintain stability in a variety of corrosive media.

High specific surface area:

Due to its porous structure, silicon carbide foam has a high specific surface area, which gives it excellent adsorption and filtration properties.

Three-dimensional interconnected structure:

The three-dimensional interconnected structure of silicon carbide foam gives it good permeability and mechanical strength.

silicon carbide foam

High strength:

Silicon carbide foam has high compressive strength and can withstand a certain amount of external pressure.

Applications of Silicon Carbide Foam

Filtration and separation materials: Silicon carbide foam can be used for the filtration of suspended matter and particulate matter, and has excellent filtration and separation characteristics.

Insulation materials: As a high-temperature insulation material, silicon carbide foam is widely used in the thermal industry.

Adsorption materials: Silicon carbide foam has a large number of micropores and can be made into efficient adsorption materials for the preparation of catalysts and water purifier materials.

Composite materials: Silicon carbide foam can be compounded with other materials to make high-performance, high-strength composite materials for heavy-duty machinery, automobiles, and aircraft.

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Finally, Silicon Carbide Foam is a shining example of sophisticated engineering creativity, with its outstanding heat conductivity, mechanical strength, and chemical stability. Its various uses cover the aerospace, automotive, energy, and electronics industries, offering efficiency and durability.

While Yafeite provides high-quality silicon carbide foam solutions, the actual marvel resides in the material. Discover the limitless potential of silicon carbide foam today as typical boundaries melt to make space for notable technological developments.

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