Everything You Need to Know about Carborundum Crystal

Everything You Need to Know about Carborundum Crystal

Introduction to Carborundum Crystal

Overview of Carborundum Crystal

Carborundum crystal is a synthetic compound of silicon and carbon. Different from the common green or black silicon carbide, carborundum crystal shows a variety of colors and is sometimes called rainbow carborundum. 

This color is caused by the silicon carbide structure and various impurities present in the crystal. These impurities interfere with light and create a spectrum, creating a unique rainbow aesthetic.

Carborundum Crystal

Carborundum Crystal Properties

Carborundum crystal, also known as silicon carbide (SiC), has a wide range of application values due to its excellent properties.

Below we will introduce carborundum crystal from both physical and chemical properties.

Physical Properties of Carborundum Crystal:


mohs hardness rating of approximately 9 to 9.5, just below diamonds, which are rated at 10

Crystal Structure

the most common forms are alpha silicon carbide (α-SiC) and beta silicon carbide (β-SiC)


generally ranging around 3.21 g/cm³

Melting Point

typically above 2,700°C (about 4,892°F)

Thermal Conductivity

ranging from 120 to 200 W/(m·K)

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

about 4.0 to 5.6 x 10⁻⁶ /°C

Electrical Conductivity

range from being an excellent insulator to a highly conductive material

Color and Appearance

 it can also appear in various colors (including black, green, and yellow) depending on the type and concentration of impurities

Wear Resistance

excellent wear resistance

Chemical Properties of Carborundum Crystal:

Chemical Stability

chemically inert and excellent stability

Oxidation Resistance

protect material from further oxidation

Resistance to Corrosion

resistance to chemical corrosion

Electrical Conductivity

by doping elements, the conductive properties are changed

Thermal Decomposition

temperatures: above 2,300°C (4,172°F) in an inert atmosphere

Reaction with Metals

such as metallurgical processes

Photovoltaic and Photoconductive Properties

applied in certain types of photovoltaic devices and sensors

Carborundum Crystal Uses

Applications in Industrial

Abrasives: Commonly found in grinding wheels, sandpaper, and cutting tools for use in metal working applications as well as wood and plastics processing, these abrasives provide effective tools for cutting.

Refractory: Due to its high melting point, ceramic fiber insulation makes an excellent refractory material for high temperature applications like furnaces, kilns and reactors in metallurgical and glassmaking industries.

Ceramics: Used to produce advanced ceramic materials such as armor plates, high-performance brake systems and bulletproof vests.

Carborundum Crystal Uses

Applications in Semiconductor Technology

  • Power Electronic Devices;
  • Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure;
  • Solar Power Systems;
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs);

Advantages of Carborundum Crystal Abrasives

Carborundum crystal abrasives offer numerous advantages in multiple applications due to their distinctive properties, such as high hardness, sharpness, thermal stability and chemical resistance.

Here are a few key ones:

High Hardness; Sharpness;Thermal Stability and Chemical Resistance are just a few advantages available with these unique abrasives.

Longevity; Versatility; Cost-Effectiveness and Low Expansion Coefficient are hallmarks of excellence for any construction material.

Innovations in Carborundum Crystal Manufacturing

Innovations in carborundum crystal manufacturing can significantly enhance its performance, quality, and applications. Below we introduce key innovative technologies.

3D Printing of Silicon Carbide

3D Printing of Silicon Carbide:

At present, 3D printing using silicon carbide has drawn much interest and research.

Emergence of 3D printing technology marks an advancement in additive manufacturing technology. By rapidly prototyping parts through 3D printing technology, rapid prototyping timeframes can be drastically decreased – cutting product development time down significantly!

Physical Vapor Transport (PVT):

commonly referred to as sublimation method, has been refined in order to produce high-purity SiC single crystals of large sizes with defect-free surfaces.

The process involves sublimating silicon carbide powder before allowing it to recrystallize on seed crystals at slightly cooler temperatures; innovations relating to temperature gradients, growth atmospheres and pressure have resulted in larger, defect-free crystals.

Carborundum Crystal for Sale

silicon carbide manufacture

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Yafeite Group


Carborundum crystal represents human ingenuity and our pursuit of materials that push the limits of what’s possible.

Their development and applications showcase our dedication to science and technology in meeting challenges with solutions, thus improving our world.

As technology progresses, carborundum crystal’s role may continue to expand as it contributes to innovation, sustainability, performance efficiency and performance enhancing applications.

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