Introducción al precio de la alúmina fundida blanca

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1. Overview of White Fused Alumina

1.1 Introduction to White Fused Alumina

White fused alumina is a type of white artificial fused alumina, mainly composed of alumina and small amounts of silica, magnesium oxide, etc.

fábrica china de granalla de alúmina fundida blanca

In order to create white fused alumina ingots, industrial aluminum oxide powder is heated to temperatures above 2000 °C in an electric arc furnace, melted, and then cooled and crystallized. 

Due to its high hardness, good toughness, and good thermal stability, it is widely used in various industrial fields, such as cutting and grinding, polishing processing, grinding media, refractory materials, and precision casting.

1.2 Physical and Chemical Properties of White Fused Alumina

Physical Characteristics: high hardness, high melting point, high purity, good chemical stability, and good electrical insulation performance

Propiedades químicas: excellent high-temperature performance, good wear resistance, and strong oxidation resistance

2. White Fused Alumina Manufacturing Process

There are various methods for preparing white fused alumina, among which the most commonly used are ball milling and electric melting processes.

The Ball Milling Method involves mixing raw materials and milling media and grinding them under high-speed rotation conditions.

The Electric Melting Process is to put raw materials into an electric melting furnace and obtain white fused alumina through high-temperature melting, cooling, and crushing steps.

3. White Fused Alumina Uses

Abrasive: White fused alumina has extremely high grinding efficiency and is an ideal wear-resistant material, widely used in metal material processing, hard alloy grinding, etc.

Refractory: High-temperature furnaces, refractory bricks, insulation materials, and other products used in the metallurgical industry.

Other Industries: Stone processing, glass material processing, precision casting.

4. Introduction of White Fused Alumina Price

The price of white fused alumina varies due to factors such as specifications, purity, and usage. For example, the price of white fused alumina segment sand is around 1500-2000 yuan/ton, and the price of white fused alumina particle size sand is around 2500-3000 yuan/ton. In addition, the price of white fused alumina micro powder is relatively high, generally around 4000-5000 yuan/ton.

Attention: The above prices are for reference only, the specific prices are based on the supplier’s requirements and quotation.

5. Main Factors Affecting White Fused Alumina Price

5.1 Raw Material Costs

The main raw material of white alumina is industrial alumina, and the raw material for smelting industrial alumina is bauxite. The quality of the raw materials determines the cost.

5.2 Production Process and Difficulty

Different production processes result in different costs. For example, white fused alumina that has undergone acid washing or water washing has relatively stable performance, better usage effect, and higher cost.

5.3 Product Specification and Purity

The hardness of white fused alumina is mainly determined by the content of alumina, and the higher the content of alumina, the higher the price. On the other hand, the finer the particle size of white fused alumina, the higher the requirements for the production process and the higher the price.

5.4 Market Supply and Demand Relationship

The development of the economy has led to an increase in market demand and high prices. In addition, the increase in export volume also affects the price of white fused alumina.

5.5 International Trade Environment and Policies

The price of brown fused alumina is also influenced to some extent by the international trade environment and policies.

6. Introduction to White Fused Alumina Manufacturers

The main production countries and regions of white fused alumina include China, India, Russia, Brazil, etc. These countries have abundant bauxite resources and possess the technology and equipment to produce white alumina.

Fuente Fabricante

China is the world’s largest producer of white fused alumina, mainly concentrated in provinces such as Shandong, Henan, and Hebei. China Yafeite Group has a complete range of white fused alumina products, stable quality, and relatively low prices, making it highly competitive in the international market.

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