Brown Fused Alumina

Brown Fused Alumina

Mohs Hardness: ≥9

Purity: Aluminum oxide >95%

Application: Grinding tools, grinding wheels, sandpaper, and other abrasive products

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What is Brown Fused Alumina?

Brown fused alumina is an artificial corundum material with excellent performance and wide application. The brown fused alumina of Yafeite has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. Our products’ hardness is high, reaching level 9, second only to diamond, and it is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Its density is 3.98~4.08 g/cm³, and its tensile strength is as high as 400~500 MPa.

In addition, our brown fused alumina also has excellent heat resistance, with a melting point of 2040°C. It can be used at high temperatures and is suitable for ironmaking, metallurgy and high-temperature material processing.

At the same time, our brown fused alumina also has good optical properties, such as high refractive index, high dispersion rate and strong reflectivity, which makes brown corundum an ideal choice for gemstones and jewelry.

Available Size

Brown Fused Alumina Grit

P model: used for polishing and precision machining

Brown Fused Alumina Powder

W Model : Used for manufacturing grinding tools and wheels


Brown corundum parameters
ApplicationGrain sizeAl2O3TIo2CaOSiO2Fe2O3Magnetic material content%
FOR ABRASIVESF4~F80 P12~P8095.0~95.91.7~3.40.42max1.0 max0.3max0.05 max
F90~F150 P100~P15094.5~95.91.7~3.60.42max1.0 max0.3max0.03 max
F180~F220 P180~P22094.0~95.91.7~3.80.45max1.2 max0.3max0.02 max
F230~F800 P240~P80093.5 min1.7~3.80.45max1.2 max0.3max
F1000~F1200 P1000~P120093.0 min4.0max0.50max1.4 max0.3max
P1200-P250092.5 min4.2max0.55max1.6 max0.3max 
ApplicationGrain sizeAl2O3TIo2CaOSiO2Fe2O3Magnetic material content%
FOR REFRACTORY0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 8-12mm95.0min0.25max1.0max3.0 max0.05 max
0-3mm 0-5mm 0-10mm 0-25mm95.0min0.25max1.0max3.0max0.05 max
180#-0 240#-0 320#-094.0 min0.30max1.5max3.5 max0.03 max

Strict Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Preparation

Selecting high-quality alumina as the main raw material


The formed mixture is placed in an electric furnace for sintering.

Mixing and Grinding

Mix alumina with an appropriate amount of carbon powder and grind the mixture to ensure particle uniformity.

Cooling and Crushing

The sintered product needs to be cooled and the required particle size and shape can be obtained through mechanical crushing and other methods.


Press the mixture into the desired shape.

Screening and Packaging

Grinding and screening operations are carried out, and after quality inspection and packaging, they are supplied to the market from the factory.

Convincing Test Report

Customizable Packaging

Brown corundum packaging

Yafeite Packaging

Positive Client Feedback

Brown corundum customers feedback
Brown corundum customer reviews
Brown corundum feedback
John Doe
John Doe@John Doe
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Your company's silicon carbide powder is outstanding, with uniform and fine particles that significantly enhance the wear resistance of our ceramic products. Customer satisfaction has greatly increased!
Alessia Montague
Alessia Montague@Alessia Montague
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We have always relied on your company's silicon carbide powder. Its outstanding stability and high purity ensure the consistency of our production process, giving us a long-term competitive advantage.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez@Javier Rodriguez
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The purity and particle size of the silicon carbide powder are leading in the industry. Your company's product allows us to produce ceramics with higher temperature resistance, and customers are very satisfied with their durability.
Freya Andersson
Freya Andersson@Freya Andersson
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We have been collaborating with your company, and the reliability and excellent quality of the silicon carbide powder enable our products to stand out in the market, earning widespread praise.
Malik Al-Farsi
Malik Al-Farsi@Malik Al-Farsi
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Your company's silicon carbide powder not only provides excellent performance but also at a reasonable price. This makes us competitive in the market, and customer feedback has become more positive
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa@Thiago Costa
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We are impressed with your company's silicon carbide powder, and its application in our products has given them higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Customer acceptance of the new products has rapidly increased.

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