Brown Fused Alumina Powder

Brown Fused Alumina Powder

Mohs hardness: ≥9

Classification: Micro powder and fine powder

Raw materials: Alumina and iron aluminum alloy

Fine powder: F220, F240, F280, F320, # 240, # 280, # 320, # 360, # 400

Micro powder: F1000, F1200, F1500, F2000, F2500, F3000, # 1000, # 1200, # 1500


Brown corundum powder is a granular or powdery brown corundum made by grinding brown corundum. The raw material of brown corundum is melted by a high-temperature arc, cooled to form block-shaped brown corundum, and finally finely powdered products are obtained through processes such as grinding and crushing.


High Hardness

High Temperature Stability

Wear Resistance

Chemical Inertness


Brown Fused Alumina Powder Parameter
ApplicationGrain sizeAl2O3TIo2CaOSiO2Fe2O3Magnetic material content%
FOR REFRACTORY0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 8-12mm95.0min0.25max1.0max3.0 max0.05 max
0-3mm 0-5mm 0-10mm 0-25mm95.0min0.25max1.0max3.0max0.05 max
180#-0 240#-0 320#-094.0 min0.30max1.5max3.5 max0.03 max


Brown corundum powder is widely used in various industrial fields due to its hardness and wear resistance. The following are some of the main applications of brown corundum powder.

Abrasives and grinding tools: used for grinding, polishing, grinding, and trimming hard materials such as metals, ceramics, glass, and stone.

Non-slip materials: can be added to coatings, resins, or other surface coatings to enhance anti slip performance.

Refractory materials: used for preparing refractory bricks, refractory coatings, and other high-temperature resistant materials.

Grinding tool coating: a coating used to prepare grinding tools, improving their wear resistance and lifespan.


Customized Packaging

1) 25 kg/plastic woven bag and 40 bags/wooden pallet

2) 25kg/paper bag and 40 bags/wooden pallet

3) 1000kg/bulk bag

4) 1250kgs/bulk bag

5) Customized packaging according to customer needs






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