Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Carbide

Purity:Yafeite ensures a product with over 98% silicon carbide content, providing maximum efficiency and consistent performance

Granularity:F8-F240、0-1mm、1-3mm、3-5mm、5-8mm、100mesh、200mesh、325mesh. Various models can be customized according to customer needs

Applications: Abrasives, grinding tools, metallurgy, refractory materials, chemical, electronic, aerospace, ceramics and other industries

Yafeite Black Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is a non-metallic mineral product formed from quartz sand (SIO2) and anthracite or petroleum coke (C) as basic raw materials under high temperature conditions above 1800 degrees Celsius.

Yafeite black silicon carbide products have high hardness, low expansion coefficient, chemical stability, certain toughness, and good thermal conductivity. Our silicon carbide products widely used in consolidation abrasives, coated abrasives and free grinding, electronic product grinding, refractory materials, special ceramics, foam ceramics, coating and plastic addition and modification, auto parts, military aviation, deoxidizer for steelmaking, etc.

Available Size

Black Silicon Carbide Coarse Grit

It belongs to a form of silicon carbide, which refers to silicon carbide materials with larger particles.

Black Silicon Carbide Powder

Black Silicon Carbide Powder Including black silicon carbide micro powder and black silicon carbide fine powder.


silicon carbide grit
FormGranularitySiC≥(%)Fe2O3≤(%)F.C.≤(%)Bulk Density(/cm³)Magnetic content≤(%)
Marco GritsF8-F9098.
Micro PowderF28098.
SIC grit
Marco GritsP16-P10099.00%0.15%0.15%
Micro PowderP240-28098.50%0.20%0.20%

Strict Production Process of Yafeite

Raw Material Crushing

High purity silica (usually quartz or sand) and carbon (usually petroleum coke or coal) are ground to produce fine powder.

Smelting Silicon Carbide

Heat the furnace to a high temperature (approximately 2000 to 2500 degrees Celsius) in an inert atmosphere or vacuum.Heat causes a reaction between carbon and silicon dioxide, producing silicon carbide.

Ingredients And Mixing

Mix the fine powder of silica and carbon in the required proportion and press it into the desired shape to form a mixture.

Cooling And Solidification

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Electric Furnace Preparation

Place the mixture in a resistance furnace, commonly known as the Acheson furnace.

Product Classification

The cooled product is then crushed, ground, and classified into the required particle sizes.

Convincing Test Report

Customizable Packaging

Ton bag packaging

Yafeite Packaging

Positive Client Feedback

Feedback of customer
client feedback
Black Silicon Carbide Feedback
John Doe
John Doe@John Doe
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Your company's silicon carbide powder is outstanding, with uniform and fine particles that significantly enhance the wear resistance of our ceramic products. Customer satisfaction has greatly increased!
Alessia Montague
Alessia Montague@Alessia Montague
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We have always relied on your company's silicon carbide powder. Its outstanding stability and high purity ensure the consistency of our production process, giving us a long-term competitive advantage.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez@Javier Rodriguez
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The purity and particle size of the silicon carbide powder are leading in the industry. Your company's product allows us to produce ceramics with higher temperature resistance, and customers are very satisfied with their durability.
Freya Andersson
Freya Andersson@Freya Andersson
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We have been collaborating with your company, and the reliability and excellent quality of the silicon carbide powder enable our products to stand out in the market, earning widespread praise.
Malik Al-Farsi
Malik Al-Farsi@Malik Al-Farsi
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Your company's silicon carbide powder not only provides excellent performance but also at a reasonable price. This makes us competitive in the market, and customer feedback has become more positive
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa@Thiago Costa
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We are impressed with your company's silicon carbide powder, and its application in our products has given them higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Customer acceptance of the new products has rapidly increased.

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