Black Silicon Carbide Coarse Grit

Black Silicon Carbide Coarse Grit

Main models: C24, C36, C46, C54, C60, C70, C80, C90, C100, available in various grain sizes

Main applications:  Unmatched quality of Yafeite products can be used in metal grinding, ceramic processing and glass grinding


The definition of black silicon carbide coarse grits is mainly based on its particle size. In the particle size classification of silicon carbide, coarse grit usually refer to particles with relatively large particle sizes.

Specifically, Yafeite black silicon carbide can be customized into different sizes of grits according to customer needs, including grit size ranges of 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, etc.

Silicon carbide coarse grits are available in various types and widely used. They are mainly used in abrasives and grinding tool manufacturing, metal processing of high-temperature ceramic products, glass manufacturing, and other industries that require efficient grinding.

Usage: Black silicon carbide grinding wheel, abrasive grinding tools, silicon carbide ceramic products, polishing and high-end grinding, and others such as silicon carbide structural materials, casting crucibles, automotive parts, graphene production, steel production, catalyst carriers, electronic circuit components, etc.

In all, Yafeite black silicon carbide coarse grit is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications from engineering to complex heavy-duty processes.

Advantages of Yafeite Products

High Hardness

High Temperature Stability

Wear Resistance

Chemical Inertness


Black Silicon Carbide Coarse Grit Parameter
FormGranularitySiC≥(%)Fe2O3≤(%)F.C.≤(%)Bulk Density(/cm³)Magnetic content≤(%)
Marco GritsF8-F9098.
Marco GritsP16-P10099.00%0.15%0.15%

Meet Various Applications

Due to its high hardness, wear resistance and thermal stability, black silicon carbide coarse grits perform well under high strength and high temperature conditions, so they have great advantages in some special materials and applications.

Metal grinding:

Used for rough grinding and grinding of metals, including surface processing of steel, stainless steel and other metal materials.

Ceramic Grinding:

Suitable for grinding and processing of ceramic materials, such as ceramic tiles, ceramic parts, etc.

Glass Grinding:

Suitable for glass grinding that requires high hardness and high precision.

Casting Polishing:

Used to polish the surface of castings and improve the surface quality of castings.

Customizable Packaging

Yafeite Packaging

1) 25 kg/plastic woven bag and 40 bags/wooden pallet

2) 25kg/paper bag and 40 bags/wooden pallet

3) 1000kg/bulk bag

4) 1250kgs/bulk bag

5) Customized packaging according to customer needs






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