Application of Functional Ceramic

Application of Functional Ceramic

Silicon carbide ceramic materials have many excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, good wear resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., so they are widely used in automobiles, machinery, chemical industry, environmental protection, space technology, information electronics, energy, and other fields.

Functional Ceramic

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Applications Of Functional Ceramic


Ceramic composite materials such as silicon carbide have become indispensable materials for manufacturing spacecraft casings and rocket nozzles.

Chemical Industry

Ceramic materials are widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food, papermaking, refining, chemical fiber,and other industries.

Electronics Industry

Electronic ceramics refer to ceramic materials that are used to install, fix, support, protect, insulate, isolate,and connect various radio components in electronic equipment.

Auto Industry

The main components of automobile engines, such as pistons, cylinder heads, valves, exhaust pipes, and turbine smoke compressors, are all made of advanced ceramic materials.

Biomedical Field

It refers to a type of ceramic materials used for specific biological or physiological functions, that is, ceramic materials used directly in the human body or directly related to the human body for biological, medical, biochemical, etc.

Textile Industry

Used in the field of ceramic textiles, it can greatly improve the speed and quality of synthetic fibers and yarns, such as friction discs, thread-cutting devices, and yarn guides.

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