Technology and application of steel pellets

Steel pellets, as a kind of material widely used in the field of surface treatment, have an indispensable position. They are small spheres made of high or low carbon steel and are made by special processing processes. The diameter of these small spheres generally ranges from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, with a variety of different specifications and hardness levels to adapt to different industrial needs. Because of its excellent performance and economic benefits, steel balls play an important role in removing oxidation, rust and old coating on the surface of forgings, castings and steel structures.

Steel shot


1. Cleaning work: mainly used for cleaning the metal surface, removing rust, oxide layer, etc., to prepare a clean surface for subsequent treatment work. The application of this aspect is very wide, covering the shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, steel structure construction and other industries.

2. Strengthening treatment: Steel pellets are also applied to the spray enhancement treatment of metal surfaces, which can significantly improve the crack resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece.

3. Rust removal: In some industries that require extremely high cleanliness, such as the aerospace field, steel shot cleaning is an effective means to remove the surface rust of the workpiece.

Rust removal

4. Sandblasting: steel balls can be used as sandblasting materials for accurate and detailed surface treatment of various materials.


1. High efficiency: steel shot cleaning efficiency is high, can complete a large area of cleaning work in a short time.

2. Wide application: Whether it is hard metal or soft metal, steel balls can achieve efficient cleaning.

3. Economic and environmental protection: steel balls can be reused to reduce material consumption and treatment costs, while reducing environmental pollution.

4. Improve surface performance: The metal surface treated with steel pellets will significantly improve its service life and corrosion resistance.

Production and processing

Processing technology

The production of steel pellets is usually completed through a series of processes such as molten steel smelting, raw material cutting, heating treatment, purification treatment, screening and packaging. During the processing process, the hardness, size and shape of the steel pellets will be strictly controlled to meet the needs of different applications. High-quality steel pellets should have good sphericity and uniform size to ensure effect and efficiency during use.


With the continuous development of industrial production and technological progress, steel pellets as an efficient and economical surface treatment material, its application range will be further expanded. It can not only improve the overall quality of the product, but also extend the service life of the product, is an indispensable material in modern manufacturing. As a company focusing on the production of steel pellets and other metal abrasives, Yafeite adheres to the values of “customer service is our duty”, and will be able to find the right product solutions for you.

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